A Smile in Translation ~ Word of the Day: Translate


I’m feeling a little shy at the moment, so a film streaked half smile is what I share. Selfie by KAMoore

A Smile has no race, color, gender, preference, or religion. You could say it needs no translation, this wouldn’t be true. The smile must always be translated by the receiver.
A smile of warm recognition is one of the nicest to receive.
The brief smile of acknowledgement the most common. We use it for baristas and checkers at stores. Nothing wrong with the smile, it’s courteous and shows appreciation.
The devious smile, one of my more favorite. We use it in sharing an inside joke, or with a sparkle in the eye to a partner suggesting more than warm recognition.
Then there is the furrowed brow smile, asking. Shirley you can’t be serious? I use this one exclusively for politics as of late.
Then there is the evil smile. Plan on fighting or running when you see it.
There are also the millions of combinations to be read accurately or mistaken.
Translation is needed for all of these smiles, luckily humans are born with an innate ability and instinct to comprehend most without book or learning.



Juicy – A focus on excitement

heat-of-the-dayIn the Heat of the Day ~ photo by KAMoore

It was a juicy story. Clothes set asunder, starting with body paints on faded sheets spread about the great room floor. Deciding to move their colorful expressions of nakedness outside. Each was unwilling to give up the others touch, they fumbled from the house leaving traces of color on door frames and handles finding their way to the warm grasses and mud of a late summer shower. Nothing mattered, no one within miles to see the couples abandon. Sprawled in the rains, streams of muddied colors running off their bodies, washed clean before heading inside to a steamy hot shower only to begin again. Lust in love, loving the lust, intensity mixed with laughter. The type of intimacy that takes place between friends that are lovers. Lovers with the knowledge that friends have of each others needs and desires. Realized from countless hours of shared feelings and wine glasses filling and emptying like waves lapping the shore.


Distilled from the WordPress Daily Prompt word of the day: Juicy

If words fall on deaf ears do they make a sound?

rose-deconstructDeconstructed Rose, Photo by KAMoore

So you hoped for a big change and you voted.
The lies unfolded and you say that’s normal.
The bigotry, racism, discrimination, and chauvinism persisted and you say it’s nothing.
The narcissism, selfishness, childlike behavior, and obvious mental instability are undeniable and you remain sure something good will come of it.
The dangerous global interactions begin, the resignations, the obvious abuse of power. And you ignore it.
These are things that even ten year olds comprehend my friends.
I’m afraid that if a tree were to fall in the forest not only will you not hear it, it will hit you, it will crush you dead, and you will never have seen it coming.
When that time comes I would say I told you so, but the blind can’t read lips, the deaf can’t hear, and those crushed under trees can’t talk.
Even as I finish this and post it, I feel like it is a waste of my breath, time and words. Obstinance is the symptom and the disease.


via Daily Prompt: Sound

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The Probability of Conjecture – A short verse on expectation

img_2152This photo of a sunrise has nothing to do with expectations. Photo by KAMoore

I think expectations can tell us a lot about people. I believe our own expectations should not overshadow what we are willing to bestow. If I choose to give,  I do not expect anything in return.
Expectations need not be a negative association, some relations are reciprocal and the inference and anticipation of returned offering is more than enough motivation to make the effort.
The perspective of expectations can also be placed in a positive or negative light.
They say. “If you don’t expect anything, you won’t be let down.”
The positive twist is to believe that if you don’t expect anything, you may be pleasantly surprised by what you receive.

I hope my short explanation on this daily prompt meets your expectations,


The Daily Prompt word: Expectations



Shirley you can’t be Serious – A writing about Seriousness

292429_3666230729682_1246334070_nMe fighting a bronze alligator – A pictorial metaphor about the little guy fighting the monster

The current state of things could not be more serious. So we should be diligent, we should fight the good fight, and stand up for the rights that our constitution tries very hard to maintain. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi we should be the change that we wish to see in the world.

We should also laugh, talk and smile with the people that surround us. I know it’s hard for me, but if we don’t laugh and live our lives, we will lose sight of the fact of why we are standing up in the first place. I make fun of the rhetoric, because if I don’t there is only anger, and my anger rarely leads to any positive change.

I am very serious, and please don’t call me Shirley.

I say these words for myself more than anyone. If I drone on about the situation, I’ll get angry, and you’ll get bored. We have to start somewhere and choosing attainable goals does not set us up for immediate failure. I hope this reaches me, and if it reaches anyone beyond me that is a positive start.


Inspired by the daily post word prompt Seriousness https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/seriousness/




Lukewarm – Water you wash a baby in?

15000023_10208085825318712_2955657658605652870_oAlien Rock ~ Wavering in his volition Photo by KAMoore

I enjoy the daily prompt. Some days it moves me to think on words that would not otherwise enter my mind. Here are some of the thoughts it invokes.

Lukewarm – I see a duckling being washed free of oil with Dawn dishwashing liquid.
Lukewarm – I envision a tepid bathtub of water that is not that appealing.
Lukewarm – My teenage years fumbling in the pursuit to please an expectant girlfriend.
Lukewarm – The Hot and Cold game played when searching for something. (This also applies to my previous interpretation.)

Lukewarm is a feeling for me more than diction or its definition of temperature. Not an intense feeling. More of an uncertain obscure word of searching for something just out of reach. Like this post I write, thinking my point may only be lukewarm in it’s delivery.