Shirley you can’t be Serious – A writing about Seriousness

292429_3666230729682_1246334070_nMe fighting a bronze alligator – A pictorial metaphor about the little guy fighting the monster

The current state of things could not be more serious. So we should be diligent, we should fight the good fight, and stand up for the rights that our constitution tries very hard to maintain. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi we should be the change that we wish to see in the world.

We should also laugh, talk and smile with the people that surround us. I know it’s hard for me, but if we don’t laugh and live our lives, we will lose sight of the fact of why we are standing up in the first place. I make fun of the rhetoric, because if I don’t there is only anger, and my anger rarely leads to any positive change.

I am very serious, and please don’t call me Shirley.

I say these words for myself more than anyone. If I drone on about the situation, I’ll get angry, and you’ll get bored. We have to start somewhere and choosing attainable goals does not set us up for immediate failure. I hope this reaches me, and if it reaches anyone beyond me that is a positive start.


Inspired by the daily post word prompt Seriousness




Lukewarm – Water you wash a baby in?

15000023_10208085825318712_2955657658605652870_oAlien Rock ~ Wavering in his volition Photo by KAMoore

I enjoy the daily prompt. Some days it moves me to think on words that would not otherwise enter my mind. Here are some of the thoughts it invokes.

Lukewarm – I see a duckling being washed free of oil with Dawn dishwashing liquid.
Lukewarm – I envision a tepid bathtub of water that is not that appealing.
Lukewarm – My teenage years fumbling in the pursuit to please an expectant girlfriend.
Lukewarm – The Hot and Cold game played when searching for something. (This also applies to my previous interpretation.)

Lukewarm is a feeling for me more than diction or its definition of temperature. Not an intense feeling. More of an uncertain obscure word of searching for something just out of reach. Like this post I write, thinking my point may only be lukewarm in it’s delivery.




Aware – A Word of Wisdom

Silver Fox – photo by KAMoore

I’m aware the fragility my entity
Striving Seeking Searching amity
There is no twice
So much uncertainty
Words written and spoken
They are numbered in this reality
Carelessly spoken
Words wasted
Left vacant

If spoken in fun
With laughter in sun
Sincere without care
No need beware
Mistakes will be made
No apologies be laid
Lifting spirits not afraid
Your words resplendent
Holding hands
Exposed Disrobed
Feelings without Lament

Balance and unity
Walk Talk and Laugh with me
Words Written and Spoken
Do not waste them
A Wisdom or small token



Inspiration from the daily word prompt



Lush – Green. And Warm & Fuzzy?


277598_1949335208367_1174447_oOlympic National Rain Forest – Photo by KAMoore

Lush – the word instantly brings this photo to mind. Interestingly it also brings excitement and happiness to mind? I think a poem may be the easiest way for me to express it.


The forest thick and green
Its floor soft and cool
The summers heat
Into the depths cannot reach
The heavy air
Has taste and feel
Earthy scents invigorate
Bright greens stimulate
Together they exhilarate
Find a brook to soak your feet
Romp and play
Forest will shelter
Outside its dome
Sun and swelter


10268520_10202063633047669_8828719360551088554_nLouisiana I believe – photo by KAMoore

via Daily Prompt: Lush

In the Shadow of Sculpture

12494702_10206381035860041_3662540186635373134_nSeagull – Photo and sculpture by KAMoore

When photographing small sculpture, shadows play a large part in showing form and dimension. We have all commented while showing a photo. “It looks better in person.” Capturing a sculpture in the flattened state of photography can be challenging. Especially if it is your job. I have to attempt to convey the feeling of the sculpture while keeping the representation true. Using shadows, structure and perspective I try to express the mood of each piece. It can be the difference between showing a picture and selling a sculpture. The act of holding a piece, feeling its weight and embracing the composition with human hands is not easily reproduced.

The images here were not needed to sell the sculpture as it was a gift I made for a friend.
If you would like to see more of my small sculpture you can visit my Etsy shop. Etsy

As always, thank you for reading! -Kevin

12440728_10206381035460031_6632041249092385858_ophotos and sculpture by KAMoore

via Photo Challenge: Shadow


Be Heard! A Rant for the Masses


Lock ~ Photo and Edit by KAMoore

The Good Fight

The sound was subtle
Barely a head turned
Soft spoken words
A few looked to be sure
Voiced in a group
Some listened Concurred
Screaming into the mob
They yelled back
Attentive they heard
You can read from a script
Or from your heart
Your heart thoughts ripped
If you feel it is right
No silent night
Speak out in rage
Not a rat in a cage
Living this life
World full of strife
Wail to the skies
Clouds break  as it cries
March against suppression
Stand tall facing oppression
I will be with you my friend
There will be no concession


via Daily Prompt: Heard

Tremble ~ A Dragons Tail

Dragon~ Photo by KAMoore


Villagers tremble the thought of my presence
I don’t mean to frighten poor little peasants
I spit fire and feast
On all the worlds beasts
Do not blame me
I am Dragon
My fury released


via Daily Prompt: Tremble


To sleep I go
To sleep I must
Ashes to Ashes
Dust to Dust
It is not the end
Still full of lust
I am an old dragon
I live to breathe
Ash and Dust
To sleep I go
To sleep I must

~ Dragon


I  Dragon

I am Dragon
My passion it flows
Blazing intense
Containing the fire
I do
I must
Another town
Turned to dust

When Dragon shares new writings I will update the blog and move it to the top for him.