Juicy – A focus on excitement

heat-of-the-dayIn the Heat of the Day ~ photo by KAMoore

It was a juicy story. Clothes set asunder, starting with body paints on faded sheets spread about the great room floor. Deciding to move their colorful expressions of nakedness outside. Each was unwilling to give up the others touch, they fumbled from the house hand in hand leaving traces of color on door frames and handles finding their way to the warm grasses and mud of a late summer shower. Nothing mattered, no one within miles to see the couples abandon. Sprawled in the rains, streams of muddied colors running off their bodies, washed clean before heading inside to a steamy hot shower only to begin again. Lust in love, loving the lust, intensity mixed with laughter. The type of intimacy that takes place between friends that are lovers. Lovers with the knowledge that friends have of each others needs and desires. Realized from countless hours of shared feelings and wine glasses filling and emptying like waves lapping the shore.


Distilled from the WordPress Daily Prompt word of the day: Juicy

Graceful ~Bella Fiamma Ballerina Sculpture

Photo Challenge ~ Graceful


Sculpture and Photos By KAMoore

Graceful ~ Photo of a sculpture I made a few years back. Bella Fiamma Ballerina, The idea of the sculpture itself was to show the grace and beauty of the ballerina form. A ballerina need not be dancing to see beauty in form of body. I think it’s also appropriate for women’s rights today. The beauty and grace of the ballerina comes from great strength and determination. Appearing soft and flowing is the performance, the preparation is all grit and hard work. Living near the Pacific Northwest Ballet I was fortunate enough to know quite a few of the dancers and hear their stories.

Kevin A Moore

Bella is one of my favorite works and is available here: Bella Fiamma